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2018 Infiniti QX80 front

2018 Infiniti QX80 Design, Price, News

Previous car Show in New York had one phenomenal premiere (besides all the others) which customers already loved it. This new Nissan`s made crossover is all you need, it will have great design but Nissan`s famous by giving their crossovers amazing performances as well, so we know that new Infiniti …

2018 Infiniti QX70 front

2018 Infiniti QX70 Speed, News, Review

Very soon on the market will find another luxury SUV and it will be well-known car manufacturer Infiniti, which is the 2018 Infiniti QX70. This new model of the Japanese manufacturer will be redesigned and improved. It is assumed that the company will throw a lot of novelties and will …


2018 Infiniti QX50 Exterior and Interior

Third, next generation of Infiniti`s popular SUV called QX50 is ready to be introduced and prepared for the 2018 lineup. According to Nissan (as company that create Infiniti), this latest generation should be the best that QX50 has presented so far. 2018 Infiniti QX50 will look quite the same as …

2017 Infiniti QX60 front

2017 Infiniti QX60 Review, Specs, Price

The Infiniti manufacturers are bringing their production to the perfection. Even though we had a chance to see the Infiniti QX60 model and were utterly positively surprised the refreshed version which is about to hit the market during the next year will make us fall in love with this lineup …

2017 Infiniti QX50 front

2017 Infiniti QX50 Engine, release date

If you are familiar with the production and the models that Infiniti has released in past few years you can see that there has not been many changes made and that most of the vehicles are quite similar and are only differing in name and year of production. This time …

2017 Infiniti QX70 front

2017 Infiniti QX70 Review, Price, News

The 2017 Infiniti QX70 is expected to a special luxury SUV that will offer buyers with everything needed in a modern vehicle. Being an on and off road vehicle, it will come with powerful features to add to the luxury feeling and ease of drive to the buyers of this …