2018 VW Tiguan Release Date and Changes

Lately we can hear a lot of speculations telling us that Volkswagen is planning to release refreshed generation of one of theirs most popular SUV model called Tiguan. Biggest improvement should be that 2018 VW Tiguan will be longer and bigger than before so VW can jam third row of seats inside where the children can seat. There won`t be some other iconic changes in the exterior design other than this we already mention but VW will surely going to pay a lot of attention in making this SUV to be the best there is.


2018 VW Tiguan Exterior and Interior

As we`ve mention, biggest change in the 2018 VW Tiguan will be that he`s going to be bigger and longer. We all know that VW really take good care of their models but it seems that they have really huge plans about the 2018 Tiguan because they`ve invested over $1 billion in their factory in Mexico, other than that, they`ve offered a job to 2000 new people. Seems like factory in Mexico is growing to be the biggest VW have. Because new Tiguan will be bigger than before, you can expect his price to be bigger than before also.

VW is planning to release more than 500 models per day so that tells us, once again, how huge are VW plans for this SUV model. We still don`t have any official information about the interior design of 2018 VW Tiguan but we know that he`s going to have 3rd row of seats jammed now, that tells us that there won`t be some huge amount of cargo space when the 3rd of seats is used. Technological and safety features will be updated and upgraded with addition of many new installed.


2018 VW Tiguan Engine

There are only few details know about the engine compartment of 2018 VW Tiguan. We know that VW will offer new Tiguan with both petrol and diesel version. Basic engine wil be 1.4-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder petrol and the same type in diesel version. 2018 VW Tiguan this engine will be able to produce power of around 110 and 184 horse power. We expect to see this engine paired with 6-speed manual and 7-speed dual clutch DSG transmission system. Of course, it`ll be available in 4 motion all-wheel drive mode. Great thing about VWs SUVs is that they are more than economical and they really use only small amount of fuel.


2018 VW Tiguan Release Date and Price

Price or release date for 2018 VW Tiguan is still a secret well hidden but we think that it should have starting price not higher than $30.000 and that it could appear at the spring of 2018.

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