2018 Toyota 4Runner MPG, Price, Release Date

Hearing that new 2018 Toyota 4Runner will arrive made us wonder. Last few generation wasn`t different at all, let`s see if this will be. There are still not that much information`s about him but even that which tells us he`s going to be released makes us thrilled. 2018 Toyota 4Runner is one of the most popular mid-size crossovers on the US markets so we know that customers have high expectations from this model. We are only hoping that they won`t disappoint us. Let`s see what we know about upcoming 4Runner.

2018 Toyota 4Runner front

2018 Toyota 4Runner Exterior and InteriorĀ 

First information`s and rumors about new 2018 Toyota 4Runner are clear. They`re telling that new 4Runner will probably look like smaller version of Highlander which is started to become the best Toyota`s full-size SUV model. It`s clear that Toyota wants to use its popularity and transfer it to the 4Runner. Due to that, we expect to see new 4Runner in slightly reshaped overall style to provide him better aerodynamic abilities. With them, new 4Runner will definitely be more off-road capable. Some of the details will remain their famous and recognizable design. For example, grille will remain to be the same, wide and large as before. Unlike grille, headlights on 2018 Toyota 4Runner will be brand new. Square shape and sharper edges are something you`re going to recognize them now. When it comes to the functionality of new 4Runner, it`s going to be raised to the higher level. One more thing that tells us how off-road capable 4Runner will be are his new wheels. Toyota will really try to give him some of the best off-road capable wheels. They`ll be 21.0-inches wide and really stunning and breathtaking.

There are still only few information`s available about the interior design of new 2018 Toyota 4Runner. Since his exterior will look similar to the Highlander we think they`ll transfer that same principle inside as well. Than we know we can expect softer materials inside. Larger touchscreen is also one thing we`re hoping new 2018 Toyota 4Runner could receive from his big brother. More speakers, better seats design and wider connection options is expected inside new 4Runner as well. When it comes to the design it`s easy to say. Toyota will try to give him finest materials still paying attention that they don`t make him overpriced. Of course, for the highest trim level only the classiest materials are included.

2018 Toyota 4Runner rear

2018 Toyota 4Runner Engine

As with the interior, Toyota is trying to be total mystery about the engine unit as well. 2018 Toyota 4Runner could be equipped with 3.5-liter naturally aspired engine under his hood. That should be basic choice for all of the customers. This engine can produce 278 hp and torque amount of 265 lb/ft. New gear box will be used. This time, all engine options will be paired with 6-speed automatic transmission system. AWD is something we expect from new 4Runner, in all trim levels. Fuel consumption is estimated to be 17 mpg driving in the city and 22 mpg driving at the highway.

2018 Toyota 4Runner interior

2018 Toyota 4Runner Price and ReleaseĀ Date

$33.500 will be starting price for 2018 Toyota 4Runner. That is information that leaked from Toyota`s officials. Release date still isn`t confirmed but we think he can`t be released before beginning of 2018. Definitely not in the December 2017 as some websites announced.

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