2018 Mercedes Maybach GLS Review, Price

All true car enthusiast know when they hear name Maybach, they know that they are Mercedes`s special designers that can create most luxury and most stylish models. One of those which will appear somewhere close to the end of 2017 but as 2018 year model. That will be SUV model, and that`s new 2018 Mercedes Maybach GLS which will definitely make a lot of customers happy and pleased. We are sure that new Maybach GLS can`t be bought by everybody but we are sure that he can attract attention of every person that sees him on the streets.
2018 Mercedes Maybach GLS front

2018 Mercedes Maybach GLS Review, News

 Of course, as his name is saying, this new 2018 Mercedes Maybach GLS will be redesigned and improved version of GLS which is one of the Mercedes`s finest SUV model. Just when you take a look at him when he appears on new, 23.0-inch set of alloy wheels you`re going to be stunned and you know that he`s going to be real status symbol. His shape will remain the same but we expect to have this Maybach`s version arriving with longer wheelbase which will make passengers really enjoy inside. Front part of new 2018 Mercedes Maybach GLS is where biggest changes will appear. There will be new chrome vertical bars to appear. With the same headlights design but with newest lamps, you can expect it looks even more luxury than it is. All the lights will be improved for better safety. Maybach and Mercedes have announced that they`ll try to improve performances of this GLS model so we expect to see him arriving with reduced body weight thanks to more carbon fiber usage.

Even though we can`t see some iconic changes on the exterior of this 2018 Mercedes Maybach GLS and regular GLS version we are happy with it. Now take a look inside and you`ll see why this is most luxury 2018 Mercedes Maybach GLS you`re going to see. For start, even though it`s going to arrive with longer wheelbase and you could expect him to arrive with the room for 7 passengers, Maybach made you wrong. This new 2018 Mercedes Maybach GLS that they`ve made with be able to accommodate 4 passengers inside which is one more proof that he`s going to be one of the most luxury SUV models on the market. Of course, both of those passengers in the back will have two separate touchscreens to enjoy watching some movies or listening to the music. Instrument board inside new 2018 Mercedes Maybach GLS will be almost totally redesigned when we compare it with the basic version. We can see that there will be only few buttons there and bigger touchscreen that will be main controller for most of the functions which will be installed. And some of those functions will be: rear view camera, blind spot monitoring, cruise control, hill assistant, traction control, parking sensors with parking assistant, dual zone climate controller, refrigerator present inside…and so many extras to make him even pleasant to ride in. New 2018 Mercedes Maybach GLS can be especially proud with his new seats added. Other that they have amazing design, they can be heated and cooled and some rumors tells us that they can be offered with massage options as well.
2018 Mercedes Maybach GLS side

2018 Mercedes Maybach GLS Performance

 Two engine units will be offered for new 2018 Mercedes Maybach GLS, probably. You can choose one of them but be safe that both of them are amazing, take a look. First option will be 4.7-liter V8 twin turbo unit which is able to supply this SUV with the power of 429 horses and with 700 Nm as torque amount. Second engine you can pick to place under the hood of your new GLS is 6.0-liter dual turbo V12 unit which is able to generate around 650 horsepower and 1017 Nm as maximum torque amount. 9-speed automatic transmission system will be mated with both of these engine options so there won`t be difference in theirs transmission. You can`t expect new 2018 Mercedes Maybach GLS to be fuel economical with this kind of engines offered so don`t be surprised if you find his fuel consumption really high.
2018 Mercedes Maybach GLS interior

2018 Mercedes Maybach GLS Price

Starting price for new 2018 Mercedes Maybach GLS will be around $100.000 and his most equipped trim level can go way over $150.000 which is suitable for this kind of SUV because he`s more than well-equipped. Release date will be, as we`ve announced close to the end of 2017 but he`ll appear as 2018 year model.

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