2018 Lotus SUV Review, engine, price

This car is built in China, produced by British manufacturer of sports and racing cars mainly known among Formula One lovers. Therefore is no surprise that 2018 Lotus SUV is expected to be one of the lightest cars in the world and fastest in its category. At start SUV will be launched in China, before launching or expanding to Europe and Japan. However, it is unclear whether customers in U.S will have ever access to this car. It is very hard to believe that Lotus will not bring the crossover to one of the largest markets, especially after one of the key people in this company stated that 2018 Lotus SUV has to come to U.S.

2018 Lotus SUV front

Design of the 2018 Lotus SUV

Unusual combination of sports car brand and SUV vehicle is a real attention grabber, but this process will last for a while. Creating the vehicle that has never been seen before, which is what Lotus plans to do with its 2018 Lotus is quite demanding. Now we can’t tell how the final product will look like, but it looks nothing like Lotus APX which debuted at the 2006 Motor show in Geneva. Lotus makes a design look in a greater and bigger scale, which includes the both hard edges and soft lines. On the inside, main focus is dedicated to the driver, as expected. When it comes to space 2018 Lotus SUV will provide plenty of room for its occupants. So far is known that new model will offer more utility and versatility.

2018 Lotus SUV rear

2018 Lotus SUV Engine specs

2018 Lotus engine is very important and it will be the one to make or break. Its engine will be delivered by Japanese Toyota. We can expect either 1.6 liter 4-cylinder unit or 3.5 liter unit with same number of cylinders. Both are available with and without superchargers. One thing, regarding 2018 Lotus SUV is unquestionable – whatever the choice producer makes, it will be high power engine for sure. They are focused on the weight ratio, as well, making this crossover lightest as possible.

2018 Lotus SUV

2018 Lotus SUV Price

It is pretty hard to predict exact price, but don’t be fooled, new 2018 Lotus SUV will not be cheap, especially having in mind that it will be high performing vehicle. Price is not expected to start before $80,000. Higher performing versions ()higher trims  will probably go up to $100,000. Release date of the 2018 Lotus SUV is not expected before mid 2017. Most likely the model will be revealed closer to the end of the year, rather than middle.

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