2018 Hyundai ix35 Engine, Review, Changes

Everybody who are famous with the Hyundai and with their most famous products probably won`t be that much happy with the news that they are about to release newest generation of ix35. Most of the customers won`t be happy with that news because this current generation is more than amazing with everything it have and now they are frightened knowing that they can make it wrong. But don`t worry, new 2018 Hyundai ix35 will appear with not that drastic changes, especially not on the exterior. Hyundai will do their best to make it run better but they won`t change the appearance.


2018 Hyundai ix35 Outside

As we`ve said, this new 2018 Hyundai ix35 will be quite the same as before was so there can`t be mistake if you choose this new ix35. Newest ix35 will remain to be elegant as before with great appearance so other than that great style it can show you that is muscular and aggressive as before. All the important details on the exterior will remain in the same shape and style as before. Some improvements are made on the exterior to make new 2018 Hyundai ix35 more modern. There are new LED lamps inside every lights and we know that entire body will now be even lighter because of the more aluminum and carbon fiber than before. Hyundai was famous by giving numerous of exterior color options so this new generation will definitely going to continue that trend. New ix35 will be equipped with new 18.0-inch alloy wheels which will definitely going to make him capable to go off-road if you choose it to go.


Interior design of new 2018 Hyundai ix35 will share practically the same fate as the exterior. Interior design in previous generation was perfectly shaped and designed so customers think that there is no doubt to make some iconic changes inside. Well, unlike the exterior, Hyundai`s officials changed something inside and believe it or not, they`ve made it better. They`ve designed it with even more style inside because they`ve combined great colors and finest materials. There are even more leather than before and the seats are now even better designed. Instrument board remain the same as before with everything where it was before. Infotainment system inside new 2018 Hyundai ix35 will be updated with some new functions installed but most of them will be old ones getting updated versions.


2018 Hyundai ix35 Engine

Well, engine is where the most mysterious Hyundai ix35 is, they have something really special prepared about it. We`ve heard about three engines that most of the rumors mention about new 2018 Hyundai ix35. There could be 1.6-liter, 1.7-liter or 2.0-liter engine unit. Their power amount is still unknown but we assume that all of them will be able to produce around 185 horse power, some more and some less. What is sure about new 2018 Hyundai ix35 and his engines is that they`re going to be paired with 6-speed automatic transmission system which will be capable to transfer power to all four wheels on this amazing SUV.


2018 Hyundai ix35 Release Date and Price

There are some good news about the price for new 2018 Hyundai ix35 because as we can hear Hyundai will offer it from the price of $22.000 which is extra affordable for this kind of SUV which deserves higher price. Release date is still mystery but we assume that new ix35 can`t be available before summer of 2018, so he`s going to be released somewhere around July 2018.

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