2018 GMC Envoy Review, Release date, Engine

GMC Envoy has been in the automobile sector since 1998. The GMC group has unleashed two generations for this make till date. It is now set for its third generation debut. The 2018 GMC Envoy, a mid-sized SUV that will come with pleasing upgrades and changes among them being a sleek build, up to mark powertrain and a cozy interior. Users should expect a model that meets up-to-date luxurious features, more powerful engine and most importantly, endowed with efficient fuel consumption rate.

2018 GMC Envoy front

2018 GMC Envoy Review, Exterior and Interior

The 2018 GMC Envoy will uphold a massive build as most of its replicas. However, it will have slight adjustments to increase its wheelbase along with its body. It will further be crafted with lightweight materials, aluminum being the most used material. As a result, it will cut down some pounds increasing its performance as well reducing its fuel consumption. This will confer it to have ample towing capabilities on all types of terrains. 2018 GMC Envoy at the front fascia, it will boast slightly augmented headlights and a new set of fog lights, both enabled with LED technology for higher light intensity as well as energy conservation. It will also have a changed grille with a GMC logo at its center as its precursors. To finish it up, it will have bigger air vents for improved air circulation in the engine area.

2018 GMC Envoy apart from being spacious, the 2018 GMC Envoy will have contemporary equipment and touches to provide appealing comfort heights. To kick it off, it will be designed with leather seats supplemented with heating technology. An ample space will be available, enough to provide room for the head and legs. The cargo compartment will also realize a large coverage for maximum freight accommodation. Wood and leather conceals will be covered at most of the interior surfaces espousing more comfortable feels. Looking at the equipment, it will be fit with modern implements such as a large touchscreen, a navigation system, high-tech audio system, modern air conditioning, USB, Wi-Fi, Smartphone connectivity, and Bluetooth, etc. For safety standards, it will be enabled with parking sensors, a rearview camera, and sufficient airbags.

2018 GMC Envoy rear

2018 GMC Envoy Engine

The 2018 GMC Envoy will be run with two engine versions. The base one will be a V6, 3.6, L engine powered with 280hp. The other one will be a V8, 5.3, L engine. For the latter, its power options have not been released yet. To boost them further, they will be featured by either 6 speed or 8 speed automatic transmission system.

2018 GMC Envoy interior

2018 GMC Envoy Price and Release Date

The model price will range at about $25, 000 to $33, 000 based on the different model options available. Customers should expect the 2018 GMC Envoy to be released into the market either in the last 2016 quarter or early 2018.

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