2018 Ford Bronco Review, Price, News

When you`re choosing new big-size SUV, definitely the first thing you must consider is Ford because they`re proved to know how to make amazing models. One of those is 2018 Ford Bronco and this refreshed generation of him, will surely be even better than before because customers said that they want more from Bronco. Will Ford give that to them, we`ll see.


2018 Ford Bronco Exterior and Interior Design, Style

First thing that you`ll notice on the exterior of new 2018 Ford Bronco is that he`s going to look way more muscular than before because Ford wants him to be more aggressive. Because of that, both of the bumpers are changed and reinforced. New Bronco is announced to be released with reduced overall body weight because he`s going to use more lightweight materials in the chassis than he used to be. Thanks to it, performances will be raised to the higher level. Larger grille with larger headlights are surely the nicest thing you can see on the front fascia of new 2018 Ford Bronco. With more exterior color options, Ford is sure that new Bronco will attract more customers than he used to be.

5 adult passengers can fit inside new 2018 Ford Bronco and every one of them will enjoy in amazing comfort level and in amazing spacious. Ford announced that new Bronco will be equipped with newly designed seats which are made according to the customers reviews and because of that, we know that they`ll be more than suitable. Functionality inside new 2018 Ford Bronco is extremely important and we know that there will be installed functions such as: Bluetooth and Internet connection, new GPS navigation, new audio system, cruise and traction control, parking sensors, rear view camera, hill assist and many others still waiting to be announced.


2018 Ford Bronco Engine, Power, Abilities

Since Ford still haven`t released any information about the engine compartment for new 2018 Ford Bronco we must turn to the speculations. According to them, new Bronco will be powered using 5.0-liter V8 unit which can be enough to supply it with 361 horsepower and with torque amount of 400 lb/ft as maximum. We are more than sure that this won`t be only engine choice but we still don`t have any additional information about what can be some additional choice, definitely some powerful engine units.


2018 Ford Bronco Price and Estimated Launch Date

When it comes to the starting price and release date, we must say that we still don`t have an idea when will new 2018 Ford Bronco be released but we know that we can`t expect him before the April 2018 and we know that we can`t expect him to be offered for the price of under $30k when it comes to his starting trim level.

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