2018 Buick Anthem Exterior, Interior, News

Buick as one of the most popular car company when it comes to the making luxury cars and crossovers must enter that though fight for the customers which keeps getting interesting every next day. Safety is one more thing why customers choose new 2018 Buick Anthem to be their perfect SUV choice.One of theirs popular SUV model Anthem, which receive huge popularity among the large families because it can provide much room inside and it is well equipped. 

2018 Buick Anthem front

2018 Buick Anthem Exterior and Interior

Everything on the exterior design of new 2018 Buick Anthem will tell you that this is still that recognizable Anthem but with some new details added so you will know that Buick is still more than capable to create modern crossover. Great thing about it is that Buick will try to make him using as much lightweight materials as it can be used so he can reduce his fuel consumption. Last generation of Anthem was quite boxy and now, 2018 Buick Anthem will give slightly different lines that won`t make him that much boxy as before. What is also interesting is that he`ll receive newly design of grille and both bumpers while air intakes on the front part will be thinner than before but with the same efficiency.

Definitely the most important things that family vehicles needs to have is amazing comfort provided and much room, as for the passengers as for the luggage as well. To do that, new 2018 Buick Anthem will be equipped with newly designed leather seats that can be heated and with large cargo space to make passengers take as much luggage as they want. Instrument board will be filled with buttons but every one of them will have its purpose so there aren`t anything useful in new 2018 Buick Anthem.

2018 Buick Anthem rear

2018 Buick Anthem Engine

We`ve reached the engine compartment. Well, there isn`t anything new about it. It will still be equipped with the same engine option as in the previous generation. Basic trim level for new Anthem will be 2.5-liter 4-cylinder and it can create over 195 horse power and around 187 lb/ft of torque. Next in line for new Anthem is 2.0-liter 4-cylinder that will be capable to produce around 259 horse power and 295 lb/ft of torque. Both of these engines will come in pair with 6-speed automatic gear box.

2018 Buick Anthem interior

2018 Buick Anthem Price and Release Date

Starting price for new 2018 Buick Anthem will be in range of $30.000 which can be called as suitable price for this kind of vehicle. New Anthem should be prepared to hit the markets as the 2018 year start.

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