2018 Bentley SUV Review, Price

The history surrounding Bentley is great, with its earlier models having received a nickname as being the leading world’s fastest Lorries, it assisted the company in acquiring more customers. The Bentley enthusiasts were surprised to hear the new launch of the first ever SUV to be produced by the company. The 2018 Bentley SUV seeks to be the fastest, most expensive and most powerful car under its category. Bentley is set to produce an SUV that will exceed the expectations of many. It will produce 5500 units.
2018 Bentley SUV front

2018 Bentley SUV Exterior and Interior

A closer look at the vehicles’ roofline one can spot a hint of Porsche about it, but that’s the only detail while the rest is pure Bentley. The automotive boasts of side vents having the iconic Bentley “B” expertly integrated into the design. Has a swoopy SUV roofline as well as adorned with quad headlights. The SUV is tall for a Bentley standing at 68.6 inches, but not particularly large. It is 202.4 inches long along with 78.7 inches wide. This car is 17 inches shorter than a Mulsanne. The floor is steel while the rest of the sheet metal is aluminum; this is inclusive of all exterior panels. Bentley proclaims that the body side of its automobile is the auto industry’s largest single aluminum stamping.

The 2018 Bentley SUV spots a plug-in hybrid setup. 2018 Bentley SUV this truck is certainly the first of its kind in the British track, as well as the first super premium luxury range to be powered up by a plug-in hybrid. The electronic steering wheel is direct and weighty, but disappointing in terms of feel. It comes with an eight inch touch screen that can access the infotainment system. Has a night vision plus a head-up display, and safety features such as self-parking, adaptive cruise control and traffic sign recognition. Passengers at the rear seat passengers have access to a Bentley-branded 10.2-inch Android tablet that makes use of on-board WiFi. 2018 Bentley SUV the automobile spots a diamond quilt design used on the top area of the leather seats as well as the side bolsters. The leather has undergone six months’ worth of solar loading’ to ensure it retains its color even in the most extreme climates.
2018 Bentley SUV rear

2018 Bentley SUV Engine

The 2018 Bentley SUV is adorned with a 12-cylinder W12 engine under its huge bonnet making it quite fast. It has a 600bhp and 900NM of torque meaning the car can get from 0-60mph in 4.0 seconds as well as go on to 187mph. These stats make the 2018 Bentley SUV as quick in a sprint as a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. A sizeable fuel tank will be integrated to cater for over 370 miles. A high range gearbox will be used. The automobile comes with eight driving modes such as; comfort, custom sport, 2018 Bentley SUV, plus four off-road modes. Bentley Dynamic Ride uses a 48v system for quicker response to neutralize the roll which is usually associated with such high-sided cars.

 2018 Bentley SUV interior

2018 Bentley SUV Release Date and Price

The 2018 Bentley SUV will be released in early year 2017. It remains to be seen as to whether the Bentayga will live up to Bentley’s claim of being the most luxurious SUV in the world. It still remains the most expensive car, with prices opening at £160,200.

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