2018 Acura CDX Engine, Transmission

The 2018 Acura CDX is a compact mid-size crossover utility vehicle that is presently being manufactured by the Acura, which is the luxury division of the Japanese automobile manufacturer, Honda Motors Corporation. Its release date, price, engine options, and other elegant features, are discussed in the proceeding review:

2018 Acura CDX front

2018 Acura CDX Exterior and Interior Features

New 2018 Acura CDX is set to have an acute sport and an aggressive exterior look. Its front is to have a slightly bigger grille that is also to have larger fog lights, redesigned and extra-powerful LED headlights, and a very huge logo. This large grille is to enhance the aeration of the powerful engine that is beneath the hood. The tail lights on the other hand are to be made sharper. It is also designed with wipers that have the ability to sense rain as well as a rear defogger and is also to be made available in around two extra body colors.

The new 2018 Acura CDX will have a very spacious and redesigned interior which will have the capacity to accommodate around seven passengers at any given time as well as plenty of luggage space. The seats are to be upholstered by use of leather. On the whole, the interior is to be comfortable, premium looking, luxurious, and have an elegant dashboard that is to be made of very attractive hardwood brownish trim. The interior is also to possess various connectivity features such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, upgraded infotainment features, a phone charger, and a USB port, among others.

2018 Acura CDX rear

2018 Acura CDX Engine and Transmission

Below the hood of new 2018 Acura CDX shall be a 3.5-liters V6 engine which is to generate a maximum of 267 pounds-feet of torque and 290 horsepower. The engine is to be paired with a six-speed automatic transmission which is to distribute power to the front wheels. An all-wheel version is also expected to be available though it has not yet been confirmed.

The 2018 Acura CDX is to be very easy and safe to drive courtesy of the existence of various control knobs and switches that are to be placed strategically within the driver’s easy reach. These will be complemented by a large touch screen that will inform the driver of any malfunctions on the various parts, components, and features of the vehicle as a whole. The driver will thus use this screen to control those diverse features from the comfort of his own seat. It is anticipated to consume around 18 miles per gallon for city drives and 27 miles per gallon for highway drives and is expected to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in around 9.5 seconds.

2018 Acura CDX interior

2018 Acura CDX Release Date and Price

Although the exact release date is still not known, this compact mid-size crossover utility vehicle is expected to be made available for sale in mid-2017. The 2018 Acura CDX is expected to cost around $30,000.

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