2017 Suzuki iM 4 Hybrid Concept, News

One thing we cannot deny to Suzuki Company it that they are making most powerful motorcycles which popularity grows day by day but what about its cars, or more precisely SUVs? The typical SUV models from Suzuki family are the small size ones and fully-loaded with the latest technological devices. The model we are about to discuss today is the brand-new 2017 Suzuki iM 4 Hybrid which will be quite an refreshment at already overcrowded SUV section at market.

2017 Suzuki iM 4 Hybrid front

2017 Suzuki iM 4 Hybrid Concept

As we already have announced the new 2017 Suzuki iM 4 Hybrid will be the small-size SUV with many interesting features. Its box like body will be nicely rounded at the edges and supplied with quite elegant outfit. Its massive and sturdy body will be quite lightweight due to the utilization of the combination of carbon fiber and aluminum for its creation. This will have a positive impact on fuel economy as well as performances of the vehicle. It will be offered on different paint options and with the new improved platform. It will be supplied with black tinted windows which will hide its interior from the curious looks as well as UV radiation. The front part will have new LED headlights, 18-inch wheels, as well as sunglass grille with discreet air vents.

The interior design of the new 2017 Suzuki iM 4 Hybrid will be a real beauty. There won’t be many sophisticated details but it will be quite stylish and polished due to the addition of the genuine quality materials. Of course it will offer appropriate level of ample space and super cozy seats which will be equipped with the safety features. Concerning the technological features the new 2017 Suzuki iM 4 Hybrid will be likely to offer Wi-Fi connectivity, geo-satellite navigation, Smartphone integration, voice recognition, automatic climate control and cruise control, but these are just some of them.

2017 Suzuki iM 4 Hybrid rear

2017 Suzuki iM 4 Hybrid Eco-friendly powertrains

The new 2017 Suzuki iM 4 Hybrid will be using super powerful combination of the eco-friendly powertrains. The first one will be a 4-cylinder 1.2 litre Dual jet with 2 separate fuel injector which is able to produce around 89 hp and 80 lb-feet of torque. The second option may be the 1.2-litre petrol engine in a combo with a lithium-ion battery pack and it will have the output of 250 HP as well as 276 lb ft of torque.

2017 Suzuki iM 4 Hybrid interior

2017 Suzuki iM 4 Hybrid Launching period

The period of 2017 Suzuki iM 4 Hybrid release is still unannounced but its fans believe that it will be out soon, maybe even till the end of this year or in February of the 2017 year. One more plus feature will be its pricing which won’t be more than $20 000 for the base version which is fantastic.

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