2017 Mitsubishi Montero Review, price

The recent announcement of the release of the one of Mitsubishi iconic models has made such surprising waves of excitement that we think these manufacturers have made a great move towards the successful launching and selling of the new 2017 Mitsubishi Montero. This powerful SUV will be the image of the models of the future with its authentic design and powertrains as well. Will it work its magic on you, we are about to see upon reading the detailed specification about it.2017 Mitsubishi Montero front

2017 Mitsubishi Montero Mystery to be revealed

After years of waiting we are finally get to see more than the idea presented on the picture when it comes to the 2017 Mitsubishi Montero design. This massive and sturdy model will replace its bold appearance with the more glamorous and less aggressive style. Its boxy body will be elegantly extended and will have quite futuristic appearance which will be further enhanced with the addition of the number of metallic color options. It will have incredibly large and massive front part with the addition of the huge bumper and new ventilation system behind the square and stylish grille. The visibility will be improved with the addition of the larger LED headlights and discreet circular fog lights. Its special construction will enable it to pass even the most demanding terrains with ease without damage.

The interior of the new 2017 Mitsubishi Montero is still well-hidden from our curious eyes but we hope it will soon be revealed. According to some rumors there will be many high quality elements inside of it but the major focus will be on the technological equipment which will make the new 2017 Mitsubishi Montero to follow the modern trends and even make some of its own. Its cabin will be spacious and will have the capacity of receiving five passengers but it is believed that the future models might be available with the additional third row, which is fantastic. Most of the controls will be shifted to touch screen display and might have the voice control as well.

2017 Mitsubishi Montero rear

2017 Mitsubishi Montero Power options

Concerning the engine options we are still clueless, but its powerful appearance leads us to thinking that new 2017 Mitsubishi Montero will be supplied with quite powerful units as well. One of the rumored engines will be a 3.0-liter supercharged V6 with the potent electric motor and an 8-speed automatic transmission system. This powerful combo will be able to produce 330 horsepower which his fantastic.

2017 Mitsubishi Montero side

2017 Mitsubishi Montero Appearance and purchasing

Some rumors say that the new 2017 Mitsubishi Montero will be launched in August this year but this is unofficial date so we will have to wait and see. Price wise we expect it to be starting at $ 49, 000 which is reasonable and follows the quality and equipment level.

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