2017 Mercedes MLC Release date, price

The high quality and classical beauty of the German vehicles has for long time been the synonym for Mercedes models  which are now taking their production and innovation to a whole new level, we are certain you will like. The new 2017 Mercedes MLC will make a futuristic revolution which will open a door to the generations that follow to be even more impressive.

2017 Mercedes MLC front

2017 Mercedes MLC A vehicle of the future

The exterior design of the upcoming 2017 Mercedes MLC will be utterly futuristic, polished and ready to rumble. Its mighty structure will make it look quite powerful and robust with a massive body which will actually be quite lightweight and supply the vehicle with high efficiency. The roof will be redesigned and made sloppy at the back, which will give it incredible aerodynamics and more daring appearance. 2017 Mercedes MLC will also receive bigger and more powerful alloy wheels which will provide it with the stability and better maneuvering. It will be offered with the variety of metallic color options. And it will look amazing. The decorative details will consist of large grille, new air vents and impressive LED headlights.

When it comes to the 2017 Mercedes MLC cabin there won’t be drastic changes in comparison to the previous models but will have some interesting details of its own. There will be a place for five passengers who will be supplied with all the comfort and entertainment they need during the ride. The seats as well as the most of the inner surfaces will be furnished with the leather of premium quality. The instrument board will contain all the latest technological advancements. In these we include dual-zone climate control, automatic locking and windows control, Internet connection, satellite navigation, premium audio system with HD speakers as well as touch screen display.

2017 Mercedes MLC rear

2017 Mercedes MLC Performances specifications

This upcoming 2017 Mercedes MLC will draw a lot of attention since its manufacturers are hiding its specification very carefully and thus we assume that there will be many interesting details to discover. Still those less enthusiastic predict that under the bonnet there will be the old powertrains, but this should not be a negative trait since they proved quite powerful. The base one will be a 4.6-liter twin-turbo V-8 with the production of around 402 hp and incredible 443 pound-feet of torque. The second option might fall on a 5.5-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine of 518 horses as well as 516 pound-feet of torque. The fuel ratings are not released as well so we will have to be a bit more patient and we will get it.

2017 Mercedes MLC side

2017 Mercedes MLC Release date, Price

There are still many things to be worked on and this is why the release of 2017 Mercedes MLC is still unset and uncertain as well as its pricing. Still there are many predictions concerning the same and some of the potential periods that have popped out are the January of the 2017 year and earlier October of the 2016 year but we will have to wait for the official information to be confirmed. The 2017 Mercedes MLC price might be starting at $70 000 and could be limited to $90 000 for better developed models.

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