2017 Lincoln Aviator Exterior, Interior

Each and every time the Lincoln Motor Company poises to make an automobile release, everyone often waits with bated breath. You may never have realized the fascination with Lincoln car models but when the 2017 Lincoln Aviator bursts onto the scene some time later this year, you will discover more than enough reasons why this car is a serious contender for the much coveted title road master’. 2017 Lincoln Aviator join me as I seek to unearth some of the beautiful facts about this SUV.
2017 Lincoln Aviator front

2017 Lincoln Aviator Exterior and Interior

2017 Lincoln Aviator to a casual onlooker, the outside of the 2017 Aviator may appear to contain nothing out of the ordinary. However, keen observers will find that the LED technology that the exterior of this SUV features is far from usual. 2017 Lincoln Aviator these lamps have been designed with the latest technology that will provide the headlights with the highest light intensity ideal for cruising through low-visibility streets or during dark nights. There is a touch of elegance that is brought about by the strong grill that surrounds the headlamps. In addition, there is the inclusion of 19-inch wheels, unique bumpers and aggressive curves to add to the overall stylishness of the SUV.

The inside of the 2017 Lincoln Aviator has been modified purely with comfort and convenience in mind. Not only does the SUV accommodate a whopping 4 passengers, but each of the seats comes with a footrest. If you are the type of person who loves the rear seat, then you will find it even more comfortable, thanks to the DVD screens fitted to the back of the front seats. In addition, the interior trim makes use of several types such as leather, wood and aluminum. The floor of this SUV is made of the highest quality of hardwood cuts. Not only is this SUV spacious for accommodating passengers, but there is also a large cargo space available to ensure each passenger has room for keeping their luggage.
2017 Lincoln Aviator rear

2017 Lincoln Aviator Engine

2017 Lincoln Aviator there will be 3 engine options available for this SUV that will all be geared towards enhancing the performance of the vehicle on the roads. While two of the engines will be general, there will be a special one that has been designed to enhance performance while off-road travelling. The 1st engine option shall be the 2.3 Liter V.4 Turbocharged EcoBoost engine and it shall be powerful and capable of providing a maximum power output of 360 horsepower. The 2nd engine option shall be the 3.5 Liter V6 Eco-Boost engine that will provide a better mileage and performance than the first one. For the special case engine, there shall be an additional performance feature of 3.5Liter Ti-VCT while off-Road. 2017 Lincoln Aviator the vehicle shall also be expected to save on fuel by use of these three engines, having been envisaged to consume 22 mpg while in high-traffic areas and 28 mpg while traveling on the express highway.
2017 Lincoln Aviator interior

2017 Lincoln Aviator Price & Release Date

The 2017 Lincoln Aviator is poised to break onto the markets by the close of the year 2016, after which it shall be sold throughout the year and into 2017. 2017 Lincoln Aviator for any interested buyer, be ready to part with $35,250, and this is indeed a fair bargain considering the amazing technology that has gone into the redesigning of this SUV.

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