2017 Lamborghini Urus Release date, price

There is no vehicle which will make you more powerful, confident and safe than the new 2017 Lamborghini Urus. This mighty elegance will most certainly attract many potential buyers and leave them completely overwhelmed with all its special features. But, will there be negative features as well, stay tuned and discover.

2017 Lamborghini Urus front

2017 Lamborghini Urus Interior, Exterior

There is nothing that you wouldn’t like about new 2017 Lamborghini Urus going from its outfit to well-designed interior. We will start from the mightiness of its exterior which is one of the most astonishing things about the new 2017 Lamborghini Uris. The structure will be grandiose, firm and nicely shaped with the incredible aerodynamics. In order to make it more elegant they extended its nose part and supplied it with the sophisticated grille, larger air vents as well as radiant sharp LED headlights. The 2017 Lamborghini Urus color options will be amazing and will suit everyone’s taste. Though the body looks massive and muscular it will have rather low weight which will provide it with the ultimate efficiency as well as great dynamics.

The interior will be even more attractive and its owners will most certainly enjoy their ride in it. It will be clad with the finest materials, illuminated by the ambient lighting as well as spacious. Its leather upholstery will be able to receive five passengers as well as to carry loads of luggage. The dashboard will be highly equipped but we will have to wait for the detailed specification of it but we are sure that it will leave us breathless in this segment as well.

2017 Lamborghini Urus rear

2017 Lamborghini Urus Engine

Almost of the highly luxurious models the new 2017 Lamborghini Urus will be equipped with only one but incredibly powerful engine option. This will be a 4.0 L twin-boosted V-8 unit with the production of approximately 600 hp along with breathtaking 700 lb-ft of torque. This mighty driving force will be paired with a dual-clutch automatic transmission system which will enable it to develop the top speed of 205 mph as well as to sprint to 60 mph in just 4 seconds which is absolutely fantastic for the SUV models.

2017 Lamborghini Urus interior

2017 Lamborghini Urus Release date, Price

Though we are all enchanted by the beauty and performances the new 2017 Lamborghini Urus has to offer we won’t be able to see it at the car shows till the end of 2016 year or in March of 2017 with the first bigger car show. In terms of price we have to say that it won’t fall far from the quality of design which is one o the most luxurious we have ever seen. This is why the starting price for 2017 Lamborghini Urus will reach the amount of $ 150 000 which is already over the top price while the better equipped ones will come to the sum of $ 210,000. The future owners who are willing today this much will most certainly enjoy all its privileges and will know to appreciate it.

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