2017 Jaguar XQ Review and Changes

The company Jaguar has prepared a new SUV for 2017, and it will be the new 2017 Jaguar XQ. This new car will have a lot of changes from outside, while the inside will be completely redesigned and will receive a number of new modern technologies. It is assumed that the engines of the cars will be updated and will have even more power, but according to rumors there will be one new engine on offer, which will attract an even greater number of potential customers, and therefore will be much larger competitor the car market compared to its predecessor.

2017 Jaguar XQ front

2017 Jaguar XQ Review and Changes

It is expected that the new 2017 Jaguar XQ will be built on a new platform, which means that they will get a new aluminum chassis, which will affect the reduction of the total weight, and improve performance and fuel economy. The front part will be completely redesigned, there will be an even bigger front grille that will be made of chromium and will look beautiful. The front bumper will be much more aggressive and will have much larger air intakes, which will be useful to improve aerodynamics. Headlights and taillights of this new car will be modified and will get new LED bulbs. The wheels of this new SUV will be equipped with new 18-inch alloy rims.

The new 2017 Jaguar XQ will have too many changes inside. The control panel of this car will be updated, and on the middle will be inserted a touch screen with an updated infotainment system, through which will control large number of functions in this new car. It is expected that the seat of this new SUV will be made of the finest leather, so the passengers will enjoy in the comfort that will provide this seat.

2017 Jaguar XQ rear

2017 Jaguar XQ Engine expectations

How we find out, the new 2017 Jaguar XQ will have three engine options offered. The first engine will be offered 2.0-liter inline-4 engine that will be able to pull out about 240 horsepower and will have 325 Nm of torque. The second engine options will be the 3.0-liter V6 engine that will be capable of producing about 330 horsepower and will have 413 Nm of torque. The last engine options will be able to generate about 400 horsepower and will have 610 Nm of torque. It is expected that all three engines will be associated with a 9-speed automatic transmission system.

2017 Jaguar XQ interior

2017 Jaguar XQ Price and Release date

The price of the new 2017 Jaguar XQ will be between $ 45,000 and $ 50,000 and according to rumors in the market will be released in March of 2017.

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