2017 Honda Pilot Release date, price

Not much did it pass since the release of the third generation of the Honda Pilot model than its manufacturers have announced the appearance of the next generation which is about to be available somewhere during the 2017 year. Though we don’t expect many significant changes in design of the new 2017 Honda Pilot we are sure that it will bring some exciting details which will attract us even more.

2017 Honda Pilot front

2017 Honda Pilot Let’s get it done

This mighty SUV will be one of a kind although not many things have changed about it looks. The major improvement has been done in terms of the utilization of materials in its production which are rather lightweight and will provide it with better maneuvering as well as lower fuel economy. The 2017 Honda Pilot will be slightly bigger than its predecessors but it will have the same shape though a bit more polished. Its wonderful hood will be ending with larger headlights, massive chrome grille and quite modern air vents.

Be ready for the high level of comfort, relaxation and fun because it is what interior of the new 2017 Honda Pilot is about to offer. Everything about the vehicle will be subordinate to the needs of the passengers who will wish for the ride to never end. The cabin will provide plenty of ample space for all the five passengers as well as super cozy leather upholstery of which the front ones can be adjusted in different ways. The central part of the vehicle will be polished, modern and well-organized which will make the driver to manage the vehicle with ease. The technological part will consist of air conditioner, Bluetooth connectivity, cruise line control, and brand-new audio system.

2017 Honda Pilot side

2017 Honda Pilot Performances

All the fans are quite anxious to find out what will be hidden under the hood of the incredible 2017 Honda Pilot and we are going to reveal it to them. This will be 3.5 liters V6 with the generation of approximately 300 horse power as well as fantastic torque of 267 lbs per foot. The engine will be paired with the 9-speed computerized transmission system and will have standard front-wheel drive mode. The acceleration of this mighty SUV will be done in less than 8.9 seconds which is outstanding for the vehicle of its kind.

2017 Honda Pilot interior

2017 Honda Pilot Affordability

We are quite excited about the release of this magnificent 2017 Honda Pilot and we are trying to figure out when will it happen at least until the official information has been released. So, according to some sources the potential period for the launching of the new 2017 Honda Pilot will be the spring of 2017 year or till the end of the same year. The price will be quite affordable but without negative impact on the quality of the model. It will be starting at $35 000 and might come to $40 000.

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