2017 Honda Element Interior, Performance

Honda has its name etched among the top car manufacturers, when it comes to automobile engineering. The x-factor with Honda is that their cars have a unique flair about them, which makes one to easily fall in love with their designs. Probably that is the reason that Honda could not let go of their discontinued relation with the model 2017 Honda Element. They have done some major redesigning of the model and are expected to release the model as 2017 Honda Element. Let’s dig in to the details of this model to get a feel of what’s in store from the latest Honda Element 2017.
2017 Honda Element front

2017 Honda Element Exterior and Interior

The first thing that captures the attention of anyone is the remarkable small size of the model, as it is categorized in the SUV segment. With a length of 4.3 m, width and height of 1.8 m, Honda Element 2017 would easily fit into the compact SUV category. 2017 Honda Element has a revamped stylish exterior, compared to it’s discontinued version, to make itself relevant with the modern style quotient. The compact SUV incorporates the state-of-the-art LED lighting with a larger headlight, improving the field of visibility considerably. Along with that it also includes 17″ alloy wheels with lowered bumpers, which are re-styled suiting to modern tastes. If the small size of SUV surprises you, then you should prepare yourself to view the interiors, if you are unaware of the model. Honda Element 2017 sticks to its predecessors in terms of space. 2017 Honda Element the interior of the SUV has been engineered well to provide enough headroom and legroom, and still accommodate six adults, with the four seats. The SUV also incorporates a medium sized luggage space, providing enough room for the excess baggage. 2017 Honda Element the driver seat and the driver door include padded hand rests for comfortable driving.

2017 Honda Element comes with all the latest technologies including the navigation, satellite radio, cameras and sensors, etc. for driver and parking assistance. The SUV has a LCD at the center of the infotainment system which gives notifications related to driving and parking. The SUV also follows the safety standards by incorporating all the safety features like the air-bags, seat belts, and through the camera and sensors it could provide additional safety assist too.
2017 Honda Element interior

2017 Honda Element Performance

2017 Honda Element will be equipped with a powerful 2.4 liters V-Tec engine, which is already renowned for its performance. The engine generates approximately 166 hp, and a torque of 160 lb-ft. The SUV is expected to get to a top speed of 112 mph (180 kph). The SUV would be tuned to use gasoline, a diesel version release is unknown as of now. Running on gasoline, 2017 Honda Element is expected to give around 20 mpg in urban traffic and around 25 mpg in expressways.
2017 Honda Element rear

2017 Honda Element Price and Release Date

There hasn’t been any official statement yet, however, the auto experts definitely see the SUV set for a release in the first quarter or second quarter of 2017 Honda Element. At the moment its speculated that Honda Element 2017 would be priced in the range from $18,000 to $24,000 depending on the configuration and market demands.

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