2017 Honda CRV Review, Price

Honda CRV ranks among the leading automobiles in the market. They are sturdy, flaunt an attractive design and offer users a good driving experience. Even then, the automobile manufacturer isn’t basking on their success. The 2017 Honda CRV is the latest crossover expected to grace the automobile market in the near soon. While this model still retains some of the striking features of its predecessors, it’s uniquely compact and refreshed. It’s extravagant yet fuel efficient. It also upgrades on headlights, the rooftop, the guards and even the mist lights. To put all into perspective here is a detailed preview of 2017 Honda CRV.

2017 Honda CRV front

2017 Honda CRV Interior and Exterior

Starting from the inside, this model oozes great changes with an aim to making it more convenient and welcoming to users. Allegedly, the 2017 Honda CRV model will be sold as a seven seater making it slightly larger and suitable for family travels. The leather seats make the interior uniquely fashionable and attractive. Aside from the upgraded upholstery, the car also flaunts an enhanced touchscreen infotainment system, a raft of high-tech gadgets, and iPod connectivity making the ride a solace to occupants.

The exterior is equally well thought out giving it a near-aerodynamic feel. The trunk will be slightly raised while boasting of smooth lines and edges. The model will also feature an advanced rooftop, latest guards, mist lights, grille and headlights. The backside will be redesigned into a curvy appearance to create more room for luggage and the extra row of seats.
2017 Honda CRV rear

2017 Honda CRV Engine

For 2017 Honda CRV lovers, this latest model offers two engine options; a 1.6-liter diesel engine Euro unit that hits 118 hp and a 128 hp, 1.5-liter petroleum alternative. Additionally, there will be a 3-barrel and a 4-chamber turbocharged engine for consumers to choose from. With Honda 2017 shedding some of the weight flaunted by its predecessors, it’s expected to be more fuel in terms of fuel and performance on the road.
2017 Honda CRV side

2017 Honda CRV Expected Release Date and Price

The 2017 Honda CRV basic is expected to attract a price tag $46,000 while the high-trim versions will cost a significant $69,000. This means the new model cost more than the 2016 model perhaps due to the redesign and inclusion of high-tech gadgets and utilities. But while 2017 Honda CRV model has caused a buzz in the automobile markets, its release dates are yet to be announced. For all the buzz, though, we can all expect it will be in the near future. The Honda CR-V model 2017 will be a market favorite for the great features and convenience it will offer to its users. To say that this model will offer stiff competition to established family brands is not an exaggeration but rather a reality.

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