2017 Ford Escape Exterior and Interior

When we see all the models which are arriving from the Ford`s factory we are sure that their finest experts aren`t resting at all. They are really amazing and more than successful about what are they doing. Newest generation of 2017 Ford Escape is the latest proof for that because it`s going to be amazing. This new SUV will be released to establish Ford`s place on the top of the lists when it comes to the finest crossovers.

2017 Ford Escape front

2017 Ford Escape Exterior and Interior Style

All we are talking about when it comes to the exterior design of new 2017 Ford Escape are only based on the pictures we`ve seen since Ford still don`t want to reveal anything about his design. It is obvious that when we compare this new Escape with his predecessor his front part suffered biggest changes. It`s slightly lowered and it is made with bigger grille than it used to be. Thinner headlights are now almost connected to those vertical bars on the grille. All the lights on new 2017 Ford Escape will be made to use newly developed lamps which are great because they can save the environment because they`re going to use minimum amount of energy. On the bumper, we can see larger air vents which can mean that stronger engine will be released. On the sides and on the back of new Escape we can`t really see some big changes but it is great as it is.

Interior is even more hidden than the exterior because Ford really wants to make the passengers feel special and amazing. Because of that, new 2017 Ford Escape is going to be equipped with brand new seats design. Those seats will feature new materials and they`re going to be available with more directions of adjustments than before. Heating and cooling options are something you can expect but only in some higher trim levels. On the instrument board inside new 2017 Ford Escape we can see that larger touchscreen will be added and it`s going to be made with reduced number of buttons on it. Ford will try to install some of the finest functions which are easier to control and which are made to make new Escape really one of a kind.

2017 Ford Escape rear

2017 Ford Escape Engine, Power, Abilities

Ford will try to be mysterious as long as they can when it comes to the engine units for new Escape but we`ve manage to find one unit which will definitely be offered for new 2017 Ford Escape and it`s probably going to be basic choice. It`s going to be 2.5-liter inline-4 unit which is available to create 168 horsepower. 6-speed automatic gear box will be basic choice but some rumors tells us that 9 or 10-speed automatic transmission system will be mated to this and to some other engines which will be available for new Escape. This transmission system is announced to be available to reduce the fuel consumption a bit.

2017 Ford Escape interior

2017 Ford Escape Price and Launch Date, Rumors

We are sure that new 2017 Ford Escape can be released even before the beginning of 2017 and we are hoping to see him as soon as possible. New Escape will probably have his price around $23.000 when it comes to the basic trim level.

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