2017 Dodge Journey Redesign, MPG, Engine

Dodge has always been among the leading off-road concept vehicles producers and it keeps releasing the mind-blowing creations. This time the main representor of the Dodge family will be one of the iconic models a 2017 Dodge Journey the wild animal that needs to be tamed. And if you are the one willing to try it take a look at what you are dealing with.

2017 Dodge Journey front

2017 Dodge Journey Review, Redesign

Despite of its rather wild and off-road name new 2017 Dodge Journey will be incredibly elegant model of this type. With it you can look glamorous both in the city and venturing far beyond the urban radar. Its design will be firm, confident and lavish which will make it quite trendy SUV. It will have extended nose part which will make it posh and daring especially due to the addition of the bigger headlights and cross-like grille with the wire-like air vents. The usage of the new CUSW platform will make it more flexible and lightweight due to the aluminum which is the base product it is made of.

The cabin appearance will be rather simple but wisely organized and combined different kind of materials of high quality. 2017 Dodge Journey will be roomy and able to accommodate six grownup passengers with ease. The seats will be covered either in fabric or leather, depending on its owner’s choice. The isolation will be of premium quality, the safety features will be supplied and the entire interior atmosphere will be subordinate to the comfort, pleasure and relaxation of the passengers. There will also be a significant number of entertainment options such as a six-speaker sound system, Bluetooth audio and phone connectivity as well as Internet connection.
2017 Dodge Journey side

2017 Dodge Journey Engine, MPG

In general, we are quite satisfied with all the quality features the upcoming 2017 Dodge Journey has to offer and we could not ask for more. This stands for the driving forces of it as well. According to some unofficial sources the new 2017 Dodge Journey will be armed with two units ready to rumble. The base one will be a 2.4L four-cylinder engine in powerful combo with 4-speed transmission system reaching the output of 173 hp and 166 pounds of torque. The alternative engine shall be a 3.6L V6 unit of 283 horsepower and 260 pounds of torque with assistance of 6-speed automatic transmission system. The first engine will have the fuel consumption of 19/26/21 mpg while the second one will be 17/25/19 mpg.

2017 Dodge Journey interior

2017 Dodge Journey Release date, Price

The grand debut we are all waiting for has been booked for the March of the 2017 year but it might occur even earlier this year which will be great. Whether the new 2017 Dodge Journey will be affordable of not, the question is now? And the answer is yes! Depending on the variant chosen the new Journey will carry the tag ranging from $21 000 to $32 000 which is absolutely dazzling.

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