2017 BMW X6 Redesign, Style, Appearance

Definitely one of the most expected crossovers for 2017 year market are going to arrive from BMWs factory. One of them is definitely newest generation of X6 as one of the finest full-size SUV. This new 2017 BMW X6 is announced that it`s going to arrive with more technologically advanced features than the previous generation had, because of that only, we can`t wait to see him on the streets.


2017 BMW X6 Redesign, Style, Appearance

As we`ve said, there won`t be some drastic changes made on the exterior design of this new 2017 BMW X6 because we are all aware that previous generation is still quite modern and stylish. This time, BMW can only make it lose even more pounds than before. They`ve announced that it`s going to have new bumpers made entirely from carbon fiber which is definitely their best way to make it reduce overall weight. His dimensions won`t be changed at all and his shape should remain the same as before to make his aerodynamic abilities amazing as they were before. There will be more than one trim level of new 2017 BMW X6 available and because of that, we are aware that there will be different variants of this model. For example, you can choose if you want him to be placed on 17 or 20.0-inch alloy set of wheels. All the lights will receive new set of lamps, probably new LED lamps which will be the same for every trim level.

For start, new 2017 BMW X6 must be equipped with the latest functions, safety and entertainment ones as well. We still don`t know all the information`s about them but some of those should be: cruise and traction control, parking sensors on the front and on the back, rear view camera, Bluetooth and Internet connection, blind spot monitors, start/stop button, USB ports and many other still unrevealed from BMW. To make the customers love new 2017 BMW X6 even more than his predecessor you must give him amazing seats design with better lumbar and sides support. This is something that BMW will definitely add to new X6 and they`ll add even more directions of adjustments as well as both heating and cooling options for the seats in some trim levels.


2017 BMW X6 Engine Modifications, Power

So far, only one engine unit is available with this new crossover arriving from the BMWs factory. This time, new 2017 BMW X6 will be powered with 3.0-liter 6-cylinder twin turbocharged engine. This unit will be available for the basic trim level of new X6 and we expect to see at least one more engine options for new X6. This unit will be able to supply new X6 with the power of 380 horses and with the 600 lb/ft of torque amount as maximum. 8-speed automatic transmission system will be mated to any engine option this new X6 arrive with. Latest speculations we can hear about new X6 tells us that hybrid engine option with lithium-ion batteries will be available as well.


2017 BMW X6 Price and Estimated Arrival Date

Basic trim level of new 2017 BMW X6 should cost around $61.000 and you`re going to be more than pleased with what BMW will offer you in the basic trim level which can arrive at the middle of 2017, probably in June or July.

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